Sunday, August 20, 2006

Failure to Launch

Well, we rounded out the weekend with a great movie! We bought "Failure to Launch" and it was the cutest movie. My favorite quote was "Guys who drink Kahlua and creme are not power guys!" You have to watch the movie to get it. I don't know why I liked that quote, but it was funny!
Well, the kids start their new schools tomorrow. My family has a pool going as to how soon I get the call from Kylie's preschool telling me she has done one of many things (bite, kick, hit, talk back, get the point). I sure hope she minds! She has got to learn a few things before Kindergarten next year! So, start praying and cross your fingers.
Also, tomorrow we are off to Little Rock for the night. Jim has some medical stuff to get done and I really think I need to be with my Mom during the procedures. More on that later. Just again, please pray for him. Specifically at 10 am on Tuesday. That's when they will start the procedures.
Well, I promised myself I would get to bed early tonight so that I don't reset the alarm--I can't in the morning. I am going to start taking the kids to school since the daycare doesn't open until 7 and Kyle has to be at work by then. So, I am forced to drag myself out of bed on time now!

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