Friday, August 18, 2006

Honda Hell

Ok, let me start by saying I love my car, but I am not happy with it. First, I had a new transmission put in it in January (I bought it in September, so I only had 4,500 miles on the car). Secondly, the CD player starts acting up and I first complained about it in January. It would make this "fingernails on a chalkboard noise" and then just spit out the CD. Well, I was told that they needed to recreate the problem before they would replace it. Fine. So, June comes around--again, I complain. Same story. So, last Friday I am listening to my new Julie Roberts CD. My favorite song comes on and I am just singing along at the top of my lungs, until....the CD SKIPS! WHAT? I have only played the CD in my car. How could it be skipping?? So, I ejected the CD and looked at the bottom. There, on the CD is a scratch in the shape of a perfect circle. I was fuming! So, I pulled out Dierks Bentley....same thing only worse! The Wreckers--same situation. I am just livid at this point. My CD player that I complained wasn't working correctly 8 MONTHS AGO is now messing up all my CD's! So, I call the dealership last Friday and I get the "I'll have to call you back" line. Fine. So, no call by Monday and I call back again. Same song, second verse--"I'll have to call you back". Fine. At this point, they have until today to get back with me, then my other personality will be released. So, I received no call ALL week and today came. I called and let them know everything and anything I thought about the situation. Well, the CD player replacement is on order. Great. However, what about my CD's? "Sorry, we can't do anything about that." Oh, really? WRONG. I made them print out a service list of visits and logged issues when I brought in the car--proof that January was my first complaint. I get the Customer Service number and as I pull out of the driveway I let them know what I thought about the dealership and that they WOULD be buying me new CD's. The guy I talked with was really nice. He said I would have to probably mail in the ruined CD's (Ok, I have no use for them at this point!!) He said that he would assign a Case Manager to my situation and they would be contacting me by Tuesday to resolve. So, hopefully I have made my point and will get my CD's replaced. Basically, it's principle (and some dang good CD's I must say).
On a serious note, if you are reading this, then stop and say a prayer for my step-dad. I'll give more details on Monday. For now, just know it's not good.
Well, that's about it for this evening...we have canceled all of our plans this weekend (to spend time with my Dad), so tonight, I am going to sprawl out on the couch and do absolutely NOTHING. No research paper. No presentation. Nothing. And I couldn't be happier... :)

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