Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Honda Redemption

Well, I got my response from Honda about the CD's and the CD player in my car. Score one for Tara! They called back Tuesday while we were in Little Rock and left a message saying that they would gladly buy me 6 new CD's to replace the ones that were messed up from the CD player. Plus, the dealership called today and said they would put the new CD player in tomorrow afternoon! Yeah! No more ruined CD's. So, kuddos to them for making the situation right--that's all I asked.
Well, not much to report on for today--just a typical business day at work.
Kylie is doing wonderful at preschool--I hope by saying that I don't jinx her, but her coloring is great, she's being good (for the most part), and she seems to really enjoy it. I just pray that she keeps up the good work!

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