Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Super Kids on a Super Budget!

Ok, for the record, my kids are deprived...they just like the simple life I guess. Sure, we have "simplistic" living quarters, but they don't lack in the toy department. However, they felt the need to "make" Superhero costumes out of typing paper while they were at my Mei-Mei's this evening. Here are the results...Superman and Supergirl! :)

This week is all about how much can be crammed--crammed into 7 days, into each evening, and into a day at work. I feel like I have spent every waking moment on this stupid research paper, yet I still have a presentation and 6 more pages to go! I didn't even go over to Mei-Mei's last night for dinner for the college kiddos. I can't afford to miss out on quiet time in the barn cramming every possible detail into this paper so I can hit the magical 20 page mark. However, I stayed home last night and what happens? IT RAINS! Not just your nice shower, the horrible storm with tons of lightning....so, I sat there with no family, no TV (satellite was out), and the computer unplugged because I couldn't afford to lose what I had already done on this paper. I just stared at the ceiling, mulling over the fact that I was WASTING precious time! There was nothing I could do though. So tonight, the heat is on...I am typing so fast my fingers are numb! You should see this paper/presentation! I am even impressed with myself...there is hope for a B in this class after all!
Tomorrow is my boss' 40th birthday...Kay Lynn is turning the big 4-0! I wish I had time to make her a slideshow, but obviously not. We did order her a cake and decorated the building and her cube with embarrassing photos and tons of black stuff. She'll hate us for sure. It's worth it though! :)
Tomorrow is also Miss Kylie's 4th birthday....and we just had our dental visit and came home with a clean check-up. My pocketbook is cheering!
Well, I have to get this paper knocked out....I promise when it's over, I'm cramming again....this time it will be Chunky Monkey ice-cream though!

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