Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ok, I really wish we could get some things around here "fixed". First, the gate opener I invested $500 in STILL doesn't work and we can't even determine why. It's frustrating to pay that kind of money for something and still have to get out and open a gate (especially when it's snake season). Not to mention, we now have TWO gates. Well, the 2nd gate is actually a fence--we are still waiting to FIX the gate and by that I mean replace it with a real gate panel. But guess what? That means getting out twice just to get to the road. It's hot, there's horse poop, and I shouldn't have to open a gate when I HAVE A GATE OPENER! Hey, the biggest FIX I need though is the house. Two years later we still leave in a metal building. Frustrating. Ok, I'll quit complaining. People have problems that are far worse than mine. Not sure what got me on that topic--just ready for the dust to settle.
Kylie is officially registered for dance class! She is going to be thrilled! Tonight, I went and ate with several friends who got together to visit with a couple that used to live here but moved away about 3 years ago. It is so amazing how much all of our kids are growing. Lily (Mike and Andria's little girl) is getting so big! She is the cutest thing as well....of course there's the small incident with Conner that put him in a cast, but hey, that's a minor detail!

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