Friday, August 11, 2006

Bunco Badness

Well, tonight was Bunco night. Ok, first of all the group is made of mostly Sunday School members, however a fly on the wall would've thought they entered the wrong house. Let me just say we had a blast and the conversations were NOT dull. First, Kelley kicks it off with her stick of "Head On"....I'll leave it there. Then, it was downhill from there. I think Andria and Missy wanted to hit their knees and pray for some of us, but deep down, they were laughing just as hard as we were. Jenny's husband Wade came home early and hid out in the other room, but you know had to have been dying at the conversations he was hearing because we were entirely too loud!
Tuesday evening, Kylie asked me where she could get some of those brown dots that Weston has on his face. It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about....then I realized, she meant his freckles! I told her that God gave those to Weston and that she would have to take that up with God. She didn't really understand what I meant and went back to telling me that I needed to get her some of those dots. What she doesn't realize though is her porcelain skin is absolutely beautiful!
Well, tomorrow night is her big birthday party. So far, there are at least 10 kids coming over to swim, so it should be a fun and busy evening. She has been looking forward to this since the day after last year's party! :) I can't believe she's turning 4. It seems just yesterday she was turning 1. I know this is all going to pass too fast. I just pray that I cherish as many memories as possible.
I am experiencing some serious arachnid issues this evening. I walk in the house and went to the bathroom and when I turned on the light, a spider was on my chest! Then, as I am sitting here, a huge one just crawled under the table. I am calling my bug guy first thing Monday morning--YUCK!
Ok, now to the paper. I really want to knock this thing out tomorrow. It's looming over me like a large, dark cloud that is about to just let loose at any point in time. I really need to put it behind me so that I can enjoy my week. That's all for now...tomorrow's blog will have tons of fun pictures from Kylie's birthday party!

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