Thursday, June 15, 2006

Chasing Rabbits

Amanda and I met this evening to frantically try and gain some ground on our 2 major projects that are due in 10 days...and all I can do is chase rabbits. What I mean is my mind is everywhere else but on school. Why? Because my mind has ONLY been on school for the last 8 weeks and I am losing interest. I will be glad to change courses in 2 weeks. Although, I am trading for Statistics and Research...not so much appealing either!
On another note, we had our late teeball game tonight and I think my heart is still racing. That game was close! We won by only 1 run and the game was tight until the end....the kids played some ball. Plus, I think the team we played honestly wanted to beat us. Being undefeated sure has its negatives. For one, EVERYONE wants to beat YOU for bragging rights in the league. Secondly, the parents (yes, including myself) get INTO THE GAME. I was on my feet, in the air, screaming, hands waving the entire game....Not to mention the Grandma in front of me who decided to run her mouth. Doesn't she know not to do that with me in a 10 foot radius? However, I was behaved and didn't say anything while she began running us down for winning. She made a fool of herself on her own. And lastly, when you have a really good player on your team like we do, all anyone can say is that we don't play fair. Now how is having a good player defined as not playing fair? PLEASE. Teeball parents: Grow up.
Well, it's late and I'm still fired up from the game, so I best go before I run my mouth! :)

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