Monday, June 19, 2006

Sweat Bay

I am at Sweet Bay trying to kill time until Weston's teeball game starts...however, it is more like SWEAT bay because I am outside and it is considerably warm! I should be typing away on my part of our group presentation, however I am not feeling it just yet....hopefully it will come soon though! Between the sweat dripping off of my face and the cigarette smoke from the girl next to me, I am cranky and not in the mood to do anything productive. It was one of those days at work too. A scheduled 9 hour day that for some reason seems pointless.
Wow, a breeze. Now the sweat is dried to my body!
We're still in a toss up as to what we want to do about our current living quarters. We have a few ideas in the pipes, but nothing has materialized as of yet. However, the Cumbie's are donating the carpet from their house, so we will get "new floors". It makes me sad to think I will forever lose the "mystery stain" that has graced my "living room" for the past two years!
Well, I am sure my cranky post is not reading enjoyment, so I will focus my efforts on my schoolwork....maybe.


thirty-something said...

LOL @ "cranky post". I found it quite funny.....not that you're cranky but how you are seeing things while you are cranky. I know what you could do about your living quarters...move here!

Faithful said...

I think my best blogs are written during my cranky times...I certainly don't hold back! :)