Sunday, June 25, 2006

Where to Start?

Well, I must admit the last two days have been quite the adventure! First, we made it safely to Washington, DC...hey, guess what? We were delayed!! :) That's travelin' w/Tara! But, once we arrived, things got crazy for awhile. We decided to go eat at the Hard Rock Cafe which was quite the walk from the hotel we were at. First of all, this hotel was only for one night since they didn't have a room for me at the right hotel. Back to story--we head out and being the tourists we are (and the lucky hotel guests as well), we walked right through a yucky part of town...I would consider this as close to the projects as I probably have ever been and will ever be. Let's put it this way, when Kyle is scared, I know to be frightened! Did I mention it is also pouring down rain at this point? And, did I mention we have no umbrella? Also, I stuck out like a redneck in the city with my huge purse and camera bag. I might as well have put a flashing sign on my head that said, "MUG ME!" But we make it to Hard Rock finally and boy, did Kylie have a shake a booty moment (ok, about 30 minutes)! After we ate, we headed back, again through the projects and at this point in the dark....we also found the alley where they film all the scary movies. You know, the one from the Tim McGraw, "Please Don't Take the Girl" video! As we approach the hotel, we get about 10 feet from front door when the biggest RAT, not mouse, but RAT crosses right in front of me. Tail and all, the thing is about 15 inches long and I bet he weighed a couple of pounds. At this point, my metal building is screaming my name!
So, today I am thinking, it can't get worse, right? WRONG! First, we have to switch hotels before I go meet my coworker at the exhibit hall to setup our booth. Well, as I am trying to dry my hair, the electric goes off. I am already running late at this point, the kids are screaming to eat and I just want to go back to bed after being up half the night working on my homework for class. We get to the other hotel finally and as we get to the front desk, Weston starts puking! I am thinking that a stiff drink would be nice right now! We get checked in finally and I race to the convention center, 30 minutes late. Dick, my coworker is already there fighting the booth panels. We look like the blind leading the blind trying to assemble this thing! But we get it up and running. I decide to catch up with the family and see the sights. Well, I head back to the hotel first, however they are gone. I call Kyle and figure out where they are and then realize my cell phone is dying. In a rush, I leave the's where the Mastercard commercial starts.

Plane Tickets for Family to DC: $1000
New Camera to replace one lost in Nashville: $252
Remembering that camera as I head to the White House: priceless

Yes, I left the camera in the room. My free time is scarce here and I leave my camera in the room! So, we stop at a CVS (think WalGreen's) and I buy a $15 disposable...a photographer's nightmare! Where's my zoom? My LCD preview? My DELETE button? But, it was either that or no pictures! Then, here comes the rain again! So, now it is me, my disposable camera, and the cardboard box it came in acting as a raincoat for the camera as I try to capture pictures of the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and all the war Memorials! What a riot! But we enjoy the few hours of freedom and then I head back to work the booth for a few hours.
Meanwhile, as I am working at the exhibit hall, the kids and Kyle venture out and decide to head to Ford Theatre. Guess what? The President comes while they are there. Kyle said it was awesome to watch the setup and arrival. Guess what? He also forgot the camera! Evidently, they were filming a 4th of July special to be aired on one of the main channels on the 4th. Supposedly, there were also several famous people there as well. Who knows who all showed up. He said as famous people arrived, they were dropped off at a tent, so you couldn't see them. However, when the President arrived, they got to see him because he waved out the window. So, be looking for it! We ate dinner about 2 blocks away at a dive because we couldn't get into the restuarants that were close to it. Well, that's about all for now! Except, I FINISHED MY CLASS--YES, FINISHED! Yeah! Freedom for 1 week!


thirty-something said...

Wow! That's enough excitement and adventures to write a book! You guys be careful. I'm jealous that they got to see George W!!

Faithful said...

Now,to find the time to write the book! :)