Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gaining Ground

Here's one of our newest little members! Isn't he cute? I wanted to capture some of the puppy features before they were all gone. They are changing so much each day! We have two puppies that are "spoken for" and we are keeping one of them. Her name is Addison (yes, after Grey's Anatomy).

Well, I can't say much about the details on here (you never know who could be reading! Ha!), but we have made some decisions about our living quarters and let's just say we are "gaining ground". I am's a small step, however it represents a significant commitment. I like to consider it an "investment". Hopefully we will see the next step soon! So, just know that there has actually been some progress....we are still living in the building and will probably be here for at least another year though.

Weston is going to take golf lessons at First Tee in a couple of weeks. He has really started liking golf ever since our Mexico trip. He practices almost every night and is doing fairly well. I think it will be good for him to learn a few basics and some of the sportsmanship that goes along with playing.

Well, we leave for Washington, DC on Saturday morning...the kids are excited! Especially Weston...he can't wait to see the Lincoln Memorial. I am ready as well...I need a break from the grind. The ironic thing is that we come home on Wednesday and my brother will be there late Wednesday for a Beta Club trip...too weird!

Ok, I am in dire need of finishing my part of the group project, so I'll cut this short. Teeball tomorrow night...GO FBC!


thirty-something said...

Woohoo! Going to get a house in the near future, huh? You'll have to fill me in on the details.

The puppy is adorable!

Faithful said...

I'll give you the details "off the record"!!!