Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sat on my rear day

Ok, Saturday is supposed to be my catch up day...because I put off doing every other thing I should do until then. However, I am so not in the mood for ANOTHER quiz and ANOTHER test! Please let the pain end soon. It will, that's the problem. I won't be ready when it is though!
Today's agenda: swim at Dan's and off to the movies hopefully. You have to take advantage of the time when people OFFER to watch the kids! I have some much I need to is a total wreck, school is not going away, so on and so on. But the other stuff sounds more appealing!
Why is it that on vacation we proceed to eat so much that we know we will be dieting for a year afterwards! I pigged out on the all you can eat, anytime you want to eat meals and now bikini season is just a thorn in my side! :)

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