Tuesday, May 30, 2006

3 blacks and 7 blondes

Well, Sally had puppies! 10 of them...OH MY GOODNESS! Did Kyle ever have a cow! :)
But they are ADORABLE! Sally wasn't too set on the whole mothering thing at first. We had to coop her up at my parents house since we live in the only garage we have! :) HA...Anyway, she's such a free spirit that she's not into the whole confinement thing. She actually opened the window on the playhouse she's in and jumped out! So, when I got home, I changed clothes and went in there with her armed with a bottle intent on getting these pups to eat and her to do her duty as a Mama. They all nursed and were doing alright when I left. I just pray none of the pups die...because I will die! They are too cute and so sweet. There are 3 black ones and 7 blonde ones...too cute!
Weston's tee ball team is STILL undefeated! Go FBC! They had another game tonight and did a great job!
Well, it is so past the time I should've been asleep, so I am checkin' out....

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