Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday To-Do List

Well, it's the weekend! And I have more to do this weekend than can be accomplished in 1 week. My brother's graduation party is next weekend, so I need to get his slideshow complete. Plus, I had someone order one as well as tonight is Bunco. Kyle is also working 1/2 day today, so my free time is limited. It'll get done though.
Weston's camping party had to be postponed due to the weather-poor guy! But, all of the family met at Logan's and ate for his birthday. He really enjoyed that and got to open presents. Jim is out of the hospital now...from what I can tell, they can't reallly do much for him because of an aneurysm now. I think they are going to get a second opinion though.
Well, my next class starts Monday evening and it looks incredibly tough! But, I hope since part of it is online that I will have spare time to work on the extra assignments. The class is called Strategic Analysis and we are competing against other teams in the class on a business model.
Well, Kylie is throwing a tantrum, so I guess I will close this out for now.

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