Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mud Run (from September)

Laura and I did a Mud Run back in September and with life so crazy lately, I am just now putting up pics from it!
We had such a blast--it's like a 5k race/cross country race, but with 16 obstacles along the way.  We got a little crazy and dressed up in tutu's and tank tops to show our spirit!
I did pretty good during the race.  It only took me an extra 3 minutes to complete the course!
Here's some pics from the race!!

Me, Dr. Sanders, and Laura

Mud Slide!!

Beginning of the race--our kiddos were kind enough to take a few pics 
Tu-Tu Girls (notice our shoes taped? That was for the mud pit!!)


Jen S. said...

Oh my gosh you totally crack me up girl!!! TOO FUNNY :) I LOOOOVE the outfits! SO AWESOME!

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