Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kick-Butt Cakes!

I am trying to make Kylie's birthday cake today and it is flat kicking my rear! I can't seem to do anything right these days and it is spreading into my cakes. She has picked out this lovely castle cake--but I am afraid when I get done with it, it's going to look like a shack in the ghetto. Nothing has worked--the icing was too runny, one of the cake layers crumbled. ARGH! I feel like the chick in the Bible who had everything she touched turn to salt. Ever since I hurt my back, I have found every other part of my body going to pot. Maybe it's the lack of use or the meds, but I am completely defunct. I am also making a cake for a relative's shower, but it may send me over the edge. Kylie is having her first slumber party for her birthday tomorrow night--I hope all goes well. I am not sure how many girls are showing up, but we've invited 8 (Kylie makes 9).....
Hopefully I can return to work next week, at least that's my plan. I am nervous though--afraid my back will crumble like that cake layer under the daily pressure of lifting, riding, bending. I love my job so much though--it kills me that I have something I like and my body won't cooperate. Oh well, I will go slow at it. Things around the house may be put on the back burner at that point. I think my family has gotten used to me being home and staying on top of the house, food, laundry, and even managing to clean out a few rooms, but that'll change when I go back. I can't do the job of 2 people and risk my back.
Well, back to baking--or beating--the cake!

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