Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weston Plays Football

I am so proud of Weston! He has wanted to play football for the past couple of years and has been looking forward to 3rd grade when he was old enough to play. But as the date got closer, he was getting more and more nervous! So, last night when football camp started, I was worried as to how he would feel about it. And he did great! He's so scared of the new, unknown. But once he's past that bump, he's great! I know football may not be his best sport and that's OK--he's so good at basketball and baseball, so I know he's got other things to look forward to, but I really wanted him to give it a shot knowing he's been looking forward to the opportunity. The poor guy practiced so hard for two hours last night--he was hot, tired, and sweaty! And he crashed after dinner--he was worn out. But I think this will be good for him--it will definitely keep him active and it gives him something else to learn.
I watched The Tenth Circle movie last night. I haven't read the book, but I wasn't impressed with the movie. I think the book is probably good, but the movie just lacked a little something. Not sure what.
However, there was a great quote at the end of the movie that really sums up parenting.... "One wrong move and everything can shatter. That's what it feels like to watch your child grow up. You have to let go not knowing if she'll go to pieces or land softly. All you can is keep watch. All you can do is try your best to break her fall." How true. Many parents want to take credit for all they did to get their kids to turn out the way they are. But I think the letting go aspect of parenting is the most important. That's when the lessons are used. That's when the true test begins. And that's when the parents learn something--that their child is her own person.

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