Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Franklin not in the Cards

Well, meeting Ryan Franklin just wasn't in the cards for us over the holiday weekend. Weston was pretty upset, but I think he enjoyed the game overall. Our seasts were 5 rows from the VERY top! Talk about a view of the whole stadium! Richie really enjoyed the game--of course, the Cubs won! We also got to see Pujols hit his 300th home run!! The whole holiday weekend was nice though. We took the kids to a local parade and carnival before heading off to the game on the 4th. I was so proud of Weston--he rode the Ferris Wheel! That is a huge accomplishment for him! Kylie though was the brave one--she rode a ride called the Viper and got on the Simulator ride at my parents' skating rink! The Simulator did multiple loops (yes, upside down kind of loops), yet Kylie smiled the whole time! I was amazed--I knew she was brave, but she took the meaning of brave to a whole new level for a 5 year old girl! I will try and get some pictures up very soon...
Our first set of accomodations had a little humorous twist to them. We arrived at the RV Park where my parents were staying and my Dad had booked a quaint little cabin for us. The cabin was nice--modest, but nice. It had a bedroom (ok, don't let your imagination go too far, the word bedroom in this case is used to represent a 6.5' X 6' room), living room (keep the information I just gave you in mind), a dining room, and a bathroom. However, upon first inspection--at 11:30 pm--we found no mirror in the whole place. And no bathroom sink. Weird. All that other stuff (small, but at least it covered the basics), but no mirror? So, the next morning, Richie set out to the office of the RV park to ask about the situation and possibly purchase a handheld if necessary. Well, he comes back empty-handed. So, I ask, where's the mirror? With no change in expression on his face, he walks over to the bedroom door and closes it. And there, tucked nice and neat behind the door was a small nook that held the bathroom sink and mirror! It was funny! How did we miss that?
Overall, we had a great time. It was nice to get out of the house that I have been stuck in for 6 weeks. I was ready to see the light of day!

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