Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the Table

So, I went to my first city council meeting--and boy, was it the one to attend! Everytime there are changes, people are always stressed, tense, and ready to battle their side and that's exactly what we saw tonight. But, for the most part there wasn't much accomplished--everything was tabled! So, hopefully we'll get some direction on the skating rink in the next few weeks.
Everyone was back at work today and we did our "weigh in" for our body fat challenge--I am the fattest skinny person you'll meet! I couldn't believe my body fat--definitely motivation. So, I have been reading up on the Body for Life thing. That's what everyone says works. After I weighed in this morning, I went to Taco Mayo for quesadillas, then for dinner it was guacamole dip, ranch w/veggies, and a Peanut Butter sandwich--I'm doing great huh??? :)
Ok, so I will start tomorrow!!!

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thirty-something said...

If you have a lot of body fat then I'd hate to know mine!I've been motivated as well....I've been reading 50 ways to lose 10 pounds and I actually found out some things I didn't know! I'm moving all the junk in the garage to get to my gazelle!