Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shots from the Bargain Bin

Since I am going to Guatemala in March, there are several vaccines recommended for me to ensure I don't get sick--so I started checking into them. I didn't realize how expensive shots can be! To top it off, insurance doesn't cover my shots, some girls at work recommended I go to the Health Dept to get as many as I could. Ok, what an eye-opener first of all! I couldn't believe the conversations I overheard--people planning ways to NOT work! I guess I am just not dependent enough on anything--especially someone to care for me and my kids. Anyway, I ended up getting 2 shots and a TB screening--all for $5! Woo hoo! Normally, this would've cost $300-400. So, I was grateful to get a break. However, I still have plenty of shots left to get. Evidently, since I am over 18, I am not allowed to get certain ones from the Health Dept--who knew?
Then, today I had to fill out a form for my trip about my insurance--talk about eye-opener as to what I am headed for. There were 2 questions:
1) If you need medical assistance, will your insurance pay for treatment outside of the US?
2) If you die while out of country, will your insurance cover to have your body sent home?
Talk about morbid. Not really things I wanted to think about. But, it's part of the package--this isn't a resort, it's not a vacation. It's reality. But I am excited--knowing I will get to experience servant leadership firsthand--I will get to make a difference to people who are grateful for the most simplistic aspects of life.
Well, the roads are horrible here! I couldn't believe that it took us over 2 hours to get home from work today. Talk about a long commute. Just proof that I would not survive in LA. And tomorrow, it looks like we will all be skiing to work again!

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