Monday, January 08, 2007

Black is Out!!

So, last night I sat down and thought I would try out my new black nail polish I bought about 2 months ago. Seeing Jennifer Nettles and LeAnn Rimes wearing it in recent videos gave me the courage to try it out. It took several coats to get it dark enough and when I had about finished up, Kyle says, "Hey, black nail polish--that's supposed to be in for 2007!" I smugly replied, "Yeah, I know, that's why I am wearing it!!!" Then, I became curious as to how my husband would have a clue about what color of nail polish is in style. So, I asked him where his beauty knowledge came from....he said he had read it in today's local newspaper. Evidently, there was a section about what's out with 2006 and what's in for 2007.
So, a few minutes later, he got up and grabbed the page that he read it in. All of the sudden, he starts laughing. Evidently, his mind wasn't quite as sharp as he thought it was--black nail polish was out with 2006 and "natural" colors were in for 2007!! All of this great knowledge as my nails are drying a deep, deep black!
I couldn't handle it--I didn't want 2006 nails! So, I ran and grabbed the nail polilsh remover and took it off. Well, that blew Kyle's mind even more! He couldn't believe I would actually take it off based on the newspaper.
I couldn't believe he knew what color of nail polish was in for 2007 before me.

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