Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Diet Challenge

Ok, the diet challenge is really difficult!!! Everything good for me practically makes me sick to my stomach! :) Tonight was Bunco and Trish fixed weakness! So, I just tried to eat a feasible portion...until I went for my 2nd plate. Where is my willpower? Yesterday, I couldn't move from exercising 2 days in a row--my body for life is turning out to be one that won't last much longer! :)
So, I am working myself into this change of diet and exercise.
I start class again on Thursday night...I found my syllabus when I was cleaning out my car--there are 97 pages to read by Thursday. Holy Cow! I do have a life, ya know? (which consists of eating wheat and exercising to the point of severe pain)
So, I am going to try and break it into manageable reading sections. I just really hope this class isn't that painful. With kids, a job, and school--it's so stressful.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though-2 more semesters! YIPPEE!

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