Saturday, January 27, 2007

Avoiding Illness

Well, we are desperately trying to avoid illness in our house. The kids each have a cold--Weston's in his sinuses and Kylie's in her chest as usual. So, Kylie and I stayed home from Weston's basketball game to avoid her getting any worse. I have been pumping medicine in them for 2 days now. Let's just cross our fingers that they stay well! It's rather boring around here--everyone's asleep! I should be using this time to study and work on my research paper, but I am just not in the mood, plus I would have to turn some lights on around here and well, that's not really convenient in the BARN. The crew didn't come back on Friday to piece the new home together. Hopefully we'll see some progress next week! I am ready. It's time. I went shopping today--trying to find colors and decorating ideas. There's so much to choose from! I just can't decide what to do!
My class is becoming easier although I must admit, I almost missed Harper at first! It started off demanding, but I am getting used to the pace I guess. As long as I have a little time on the weekend and devote some time to our presentations during the week, it seems to be going alright. However, the research paper guidelines are out, so I really need to get started on that. Things are going to get hectic around here soon, so I need to get ahead. I have to keep reminding myself--only 7 more months of school!!! Hallelujiah!! :)

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