Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Your Thing is Big!

Poor Weston--oh to be a child and innocent! One of Weston's spelling words this week is "YOUR". So, he has to write a sentence for each word showing its use in context. Well, he sat down and wrote the sentence, "Your thing is big." I about died laughing when I read it. But, trying to maintain some sort of innocence in my child, I told him to re-write the sentence because that one wasn't good. So, I went back to eating my peanuts and watching American Idol. A few minutes later, he brings back his new version. It says, "I like your nuts." OH DEAR!! I think I only made the situation worse! Well, at this point, two sentences being rejected alerted Weston that something was going on. He asked why this sentence wouldn't work either. I had to explain the situation to him as nicely as possible. When I was finished, his eyes were big and he just said, "OH." Poor kid.
Today, my manager experienced a Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" moment. She was in the closet where we keep our promotional items moving some boxes. Well, she bent over and the skirt she was wearing split from the bottom all the way to the waistband down the back. You could see her panties! Poor girl, she had to drive home (she lives 30 minutes from work one way) and change clothes. The bad thing was having to explain to our vice-president why she was missing his meeting!

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