Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hump Day

Get your mind out of the gutter. GEEZ. It's Wednesday. Well, Kyle's grandma was taken back to the ER last night and they ended up admitting her. She's got a kidney infection on top of whatever is going on in terms of the possibility of a stroke. So, hopefully they can help her and she'll start feeling better. I also got to see my Dad for the first time tonight since his surgery. He's doing great, but I got to see his battle wounds. You know, his chest didn't look as bad as his legs looked. His legs had a lot of blood trapped under the skin and they were quite swollen. They just looked like one big bruise. The cut in his leg was literally from his ankle to his knee (to give a little background here, they took a vein from each leg, cut it in half, and used the 4 pieces in his heart).
Well, let me just say, having a blog is kind of lonely. Why? Well, because you call your friends to talk and they don't answer. That's understandable. However, then they don't call back, so you start worrying about them and give them a call. Well, they explain that they're keeping up with you through the blog, so they're good. Hey, I still love ya, Andria! :)

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