Thursday, September 28, 2006

Toothless Wonder

Well, Weston lost his 1st tooth! He has been working on this loose tooth for months now, but it just wouldn't budge. The new one was already coming in behind this one. Poor thing though...he swallowed it! After all of that, he swallowed his tooth. So, last night he didn't know what to do to make sure the tooth fairy would come to see him. Well, I had him write a letter to the tooth fairy and leave it under his pillow. After he went to bed, it dawned on me--we don't have any cash in the house (note to robbers in case they thought the barn was some sort of deterrent and lavishly rich people were living here)! So, Kyle and I scrounged up 8 quarters and stacked them under his pillow. We couldn't put them in a Ziplock baggie or envelope because Weston is the type that would question where she got it from!
He went to the dentist today and got a great report--except for the needing braces thing. But, I expected that since I had to have them as well.
Ok, Kylie has 4 green notes so far this week, can she make it 5? Cross your fingers. It will be her first full week of green notes since she started her new school. So, I'll keep you posted.
It seems like everyone I know is having babies! It must be that season again. A lot of the same friends that were pregnant when I was pregnant are having their 3rd and 4th kids. But, I missed this round and I have to say I have NO baby fever whatsoever! So, good luck to all of you out there expecting little ones. It looks like May and June will be busy in the hospitals!

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