Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Ok, so I am paying for the late night last night. I was so riled up last night that I just couldn't sleep! But I am sleepy tonight.
Kylie is 3 for 3 this week on green notes....BANG on wood--don't knock! However, Weston got a red note yesterday! Not for anything major, just talking (I have no clue where my son gets that!)....But it upset him enough that I don't think it will happen again for awhile. But Kylie seems to be doing great in school. She came home yesterday reciting the pledge of allegiance to the US flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible. It was so cute to listen to her! She has been very helpful around the house as well. I think she's really adjusting well. Again, please BANG on wood for me. I really don't want to jinx this thing.
Well, those medical tests I mentioned came back just fine today. They weren't anything major, just ruling out thyroid issues, etc. So, that was good news. I really didn't want anything else to deal with right now if possible.
Did you see the finale of Rockstar??? I can't believe the winner! So glad I didn't buy tickets to that concert. I would've easily picked Dilana or Toby over Lukas. He's just not that great to me. Oh well, not my decision!
I promise to crank out something prolific in the next few days--I know boring details of my day-to-day life just aren't the best reading material, but give me a little slack and I'll get something better on here later.

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