Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tiny Dancer

Well, tonight was Kylie's 1st dance class...she looked SO cute in her little dance outfit! A pink leotard, black leg warmers, and a cute black "dance" tee! However, she is going to have to start minding at school. She got ANOTHER red note today. I was livid. The girl doesn't even respond to bribes. I told her she could have a new toy for just one week without a red note and she can't even do that (and it was a 4 day work week!!). So, I guess I am at my wit's end. I have no clue what to do/not do to get her to behave. I swear she'll get kicked out of kindergarten....
Ok, so I got a new haircut yesterday....not sure if I like it or not. I was making fun of myself all day today....I guess it was just a little more than I had anticipated. Oh well, it's only hair, right?
It's that time of year--Halloween costume selection. The kids have been pouring over the Costume Express magazine trying to determine what they are going to be....I know what I am going to debt. These costumes aren't cheap!! So far, Kylie's choices are The Incredibles, Razorback Cheerleader, or Ariel the Mermaid. Tomorrow I am sure she'll have 5 other characters picked out. Weston is just non-committal...he really wants to be a pirate, but since Kylie was a pirate last year, I am trying to encourage him to be something different. And the bummer thing--I have class that night! Hopefully our professor will either switch it or I guess I will take the kids to a fall carnival or something.
Hey, guess what, we got a new gate opener! His name is Weston. He has decided he wants to open the gate and he has it figured out and I am thrilled! It's cute though watching him grow up. And a little sad. He's becoming such a little man. Right down to the sports! He'll be attending his first Hogs game this weekend and he's found a NASCAR driver he wants to follow. And let me tell you, that kid can talk the game! He asks questions and is learning the insight behind the sports. It's cute!

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