Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Skipper

So, I skipped class tonight....ok, didn't "skip" but I didn't go. Mom and Jim needed me, so I stayed home to be with them. Can't complain though...my first Tuesday evening in 6 weeks without that icky professor! :)
I am bummed tonight though...Cross Canadian Ragweed is in town, playing RIGHT NOW and I am at home, in the recliner, typing on my computer!!! This just sucks. Pardon me, but it does. I LOVE'em! But, two kids and a week night don't make a great combination for sitters, etc. But we are going to see them in Tulsa in about a week and a half, so I guess that's what will get me through the night. I can hear it now though....
"Maybe I miss your lovin
Maybe I miss your kiss,
Just a little bit
Maybe I miss your body lying right next to mine
Maybe I miss your touch
A little too much"

Ok, enough whining. Sorry. Well, that's a wrap....

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