Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, I had a great weekend. Just short. On Friday night, we went to Landry's and ate. That's the first time I have ever eaten there. It was pretty good! We stayed for awhile to hear Chris play as well since our movie didn't start for a couple more hours. He made my evening when he covered a John Mayer FAVORITE John Mayer song that is! I told him I am forever his groupie after that! :) We then went to see Fly Boys. It's a WWI movie about the aviators. It was pretty good. I still want to see several other movies that are playing, but we had to appease the boys (Bret and Kyle), so we made sure the movie was "manly" enough. Saturday was Hog game day, however I had a birthday party to photograph, so Kyle and Bret went and Kylie and I went to the party. Weston stayed at Mei-Mei's house instead of going with me...I can only handle 1 kid while I'm trying to work. Kylie had fun at the party though! She got to slide on the huge slide, eat cake, and swing at a Pinata. It's nice when you can "take your kids to work". Here's a picture of Kylie going down the slide. She was scared at first, but after I slid down with her once, she wouldn't stay off of the slide! We watched United 93 last night after the party when Kyle got back from the game. The movie is good in terms of documenting the lives of the people on the plane, but it was sad. Sad to know it could've easily been someone I knew. Sunday has been spent cleaning and working. Bunco is at my house in two weeks and I want to have this place somewhat presentable! The girls are going to have a rude awakening as it is, so hopefully it'll be a clean one!
Well, Desperate Housewives season premiere is tonight, so I am going to get a couple more things accomplished before it starts. The first accomplishment--getting the kids to bed!

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