Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well, we are headed up the hill to watch the hogs play today. I haven't been to a Razorback game in two years, so I am ready for game day! We are going to tailgate a bit before the game and then it'll be time for the big game! Our seats aren't great-but guess what? We are IN the stadium and that's all that matters!! :)
Next week, Kyle is going to take Weston to the game. He has wanted to see the hogs play in person for a long time, so I am going to let him have my seat and go to the game! He has to get green notes all week (good behavior) at school and he has to be good at home, otherwise he doesn't go! I know he can do it though, especially knowing he gets to see the hogs play!
Well, I am outta here-gotta get ready for the football game!!!

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