Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blast from the Past!

Well, it's official! Stahl is a married man....and true to his word. The ceremony lasted 7 minutes. We almost missed it! But we had a great time after the wedding catching up with the old gang. It didn't take 5 minutes to travel 12 years into the past....we had a lot of catching up to do, but the group definitely picked up right where they left off. There was the same group...Nut, Stahl, Danny, Larin, Eddie D., Crook, Coy, and us with a few new ones. We called JB on the phone since he wasn't there to catch up w/him as well. Nut is getting married at the end of this month as well! This has definitely been another "wedding year" seems to go in phases and it's been awhile since I have known people that were getting married. We hung out at the River Front until the reception was over and then all headed to the old "Hog Call's" to hang out awhile longer. Here we were with me in a fancy dress and high heels sitting under the Garrison Bridge watching my husband do the dolphin on the lawn and listening to stories about S-10's, mini-vans, and hanging out at Food Plus/The Village. What a trip. I was just laughing inside at how no one had really changed...I think Kyle and I were the most progressed out of the group (wait, that was my husband doing the dolphin....nevermind). Definitely good times.
Well, Weston is off for his 1st Hogs game...hope he has a blast. I would love to go, but I really wanted him to get to see it as well. Plus, he has been excellent this week and I think he deserves the reward! So, I will hang out w/Miss Delinquent and see what trouble she and I can get into! :)
I do have some pictures to take today, so I will "work" for a bit, but after that I think she and I will head to the mall or something.

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