Sunday, September 03, 2006

Next Post

I couldn't think of a catchy title for today's post...just not in a creative mode I guess. My Dad should get to come home from the hospital today. They'll stay in LR for a few days, but he's making awesome progress. However, we bring one home, we have another enter. Kyle just got a call....they think his Grandma has had a stroke and they are taking her to the ER. Wow. I feel like we are definitely being challenged in terms of family right now. Is it to reevaluate their meaning in our lives? The role they play in helping us be ourselves? I am not sure. But I know it has definitely been a trying and challenging time as we deal with these possibilities of change and the adaption that life demands. I know I have taken people for granted, times in my life for granted not knowing that tomorrow may be different. Not realizing that life is not static.
So, to the dynamics of life. May the challenges not overcome me.

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