Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Evolve vs. Change

So we have this new professor for classes this fall. I have tried to remain unbiased while my core group hasn't been his biggest fan, however tonight I lost any liking for him I might have had. First, he needs to check the ego at the door. To me, a graduate level class is not a time to make students feel "wrong" especially during abstract discussions. Secondly, lose the whole "quiz" thing and the over-worry about checks/balances...again, GRADUATE level course (hey and the degree is Leadership and ETHICS). But, tonight he sent me over the edge. It was over determining if evolving and changing have the same meaning. To me, they don't. Evolving means "gradual development". Changing means "different from what it is". Not the same thing. We were discussing the meanings of these words in terms of one's values. Can your values change? Can they evolve? He says the two questions are the exact same. So, I brought up the point that they are two different questions. I used the example that I am a female, however I have evolved over time from a girl to a woman, yet I am still a female. Now, change would be if I became a boy/man at some point. Oh no. He had to spend 20 minutes arguing that I was completely wrong--they are the exact same concepts. He uses some lame example that an acorn changes to a tree because you can't see the acorn when it becomes a tree. Yes, you can...you see a mature acorn which evolves into a tree! It drove me up the wall that he was not about to be wrong. That's the biggest problem that some of my friends in the class have had with him thus far. Every time we try to make a point, he argues. There is no room for discussion. What happens? Complete shutdown where the group just wants class to end. I just felt like he was being a complete pompous prick by trying to prove himself, yet everything he said supported my point. Whatever. I'll rip him on the eval.
So, that helped w/the whole decision over missing class for CCR's concert. I'll be attending the concert.
Today, overall was just a crappy day. It started with a wellness doctor visit that involved into far to much...bloodwork, ultrasounds, etc. I'll leave it there. Hopefully the results are good tomorrow. Then, our marketing group met with our VP to voice our concerns only to just get shutdown. So, walking into class to a brick wall of a professor didn't exactly end the evening on a high note...oh, and I am greeted at the door of my "sorry excuse for a house" by a huge tarantula. YUCK. Therefore, it's 11:15 pm and I can't sleep.
So, here's to tomorrow. Maybe my attitude will change. Because we wouldn't want it to evolve!!!

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