Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weekend Update....

Well, I am worn out--shopping is so exhausting. Ok, give me credit, with a 4 year old in tow, it can wear you out. However, we had a fun time! Kylie was very well-behaved for 8 hours of shopping!
So, Bunco last night was hilarious! I was crowned queen last, not Bunco. They crowned me Queen of Willing to Try Anything! Not sure how I got that tag?? I think the Altoids and ice knowledge must have helped that one along! But we had a great time--I am bummed though because it looks like I will have to miss next month's since our company party is that night. Hopefully they can work something out!
Well, the hogs play in about 15 minutes, so I have to wrap this up so I can switch out the laundry that's washing and warm up some snacks. GO HOGS GO!!

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