Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

Well, tomorrow I am going to meet with Joe about the Guatemala trip for Spring Break. Kyle has given me his blessing to go! I am excited and hope to finalize some details about the trip and have some questions answered. My first professor that I had this year went and she had some powerful stories about the kids and the hunger issues. She told us about how the kids huff solvents to curb the pain of hunger. It's very sad to think that they have to resort to such measures, but there are so many orphans that just roam the streets. All of my friends told me I will probably try to adopt everyone of them. Knowing me, I will probably have a hard time with it (yes, I DO have emotions!!!) and want to bring one back. So, hopefully the meeting will go well. From there, it's fundraiser time! I need to raise about $1000 to fund my trip. Wish me luck!!
Well, it's late and rainy, so I am off to bed!

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