Sunday, November 26, 2006

Have You Heard the News???

Well, if you get the Times Record, you probably know by now....but for those of you who don't read the newspaper, let me fill you in on the latest. We are opening a skating rink!! In Sunday's paper is an article and interview with my Dad (except they spelled his last name wrong!!) about a skating rink that my parents, Kyle, and I are opening in the spring! This is my first business venture and I am thrilled. I honestly didn't think the cat would be out of the bag until mid-December when zoning approval was completed by the city council, but the mayor thought the town should know about the exciting opportunity for its residents. My Dad and I have talked at length about a business venture; I have even proposed several, but they have never really been the right idea for all of us. Then, after they bought the one in Illinois, it just seemed logical to bring the same fun to our town. So, that is actually why I went to Illinois a couple of months ago--it was actually a "business" trip. My parents wanted me to see how the rink up there operated and get my input on how we could all bring the same fun home. So, there you have it! But, it's going to be much more than a skating rink--it will rival Chuck E. Cheese in the fun aspect because we are putting in an indoor 3 level playroom complete with balls, bounce arounds, and tons of tubes. There will also be a Mach-3 which is a simulation ride that does 360-degree loops. There is also plans for a laser tag room as well as an arcade room. So, there should be something for the whole family to do! We will also have birthday party rooms, so hopefully everyone can come celebrate their birthday with us. My kids are ecstatic! They have loved roller skating these past few months as we have introduced them to it. This means TONS of work for Kyle and I. I will still have my fulltime day job for now, so we will spend every moment around that helping to build the rink and then working it once its complete. So, come out and join us when it opens!!!
On another note--our Thanksgiving trip was such fun--I can't believe the weekend is over!! We had a ball. Kyle didn't know how much fun my family could be. My cousins that came in and their kids and all of us hung out playing poker and washers. Can you believe my 9 year old cousin won the poker game?? In fact, it was down to him and Keenan (my other older cousin who is a dentist) and Keenan lost--well, they bet on the last hand. Soooo....Keenan had to get up in front of a crowd at Dogwood Canyon and do the hula. It was hilarious! The bet was that the hula dance could be requested in the following 24 hours at anytime by the winner. Well, "little" Kyle (the 9 year old cousin) waited until the prime moment! Dogwood Canyon was tons of fun too. We all went out there and ate dinner, then visited the chapel where a couple sang several Christmas songs for all of the guests (this was where the hula took place). After that, we rode the tram back and made s'mores around a campfire. We had such a good time. It was a lot of fun to hang out with all of them. We don't see them much, so this holiday was very memorable!
Well, back to today--gotta get the tree down and starting getting ready for Christmas!

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