Monday, November 06, 2006


Well, I finally got my grade in my last A! Yeah! So far--all A's! I hope I can keep up this trend. I'm over halfway there. However, tomorrow we have a test in our class. This is my first test in the entire grad program. I'm about to study my booty off in hopes of passing this thing.
There's also an opportunity to go to Honduras, Guatemala, or Nicaragua for Spring Break--it's like a Mission Trip. I REALLY want to go. I wasn't able to go on Mission Trips growing up because I was always working, so it won't be so awesome to go now. This will be my last chance to do something like this. So, hopefully it'll work out--and that Kyle will let me go! :)
Well, we finally got the elliptical machine put together last night. It took over 2 hours! But, it's done. Although, I must say it kicked my rear!! It's definitely better than the one at the gym in terms of keeping me hopefully we'll see some results! I have a reward for myself at the end of the week if I can keep it up all week--cookies and ice cream!! :)

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