Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A little testy today....

So, I took my test in class today. I guess it wasn't that bad. A few tricky questions. I hate that because you study, study, study and know the material, but you have no way of proving it if you get stumped by semantics. So, Harper and I discussed this--guess what, he's cool w/proving your knowledge! I was pleased by that. To me, a test is not supposed to be impossible--it's supposed to be a checks-n-balance for material retention, application, etc. As long as I know he's willing to be open-minded in allowing us to demonstrate our knowledge, I am fine.

Well, I am a "deer widow" this weekend! Kylie is stoked though. She's ready to go shopping. Kyle and Weston are heading to the deer woods. Weston has asked about a trillion questions...Will there be bears? Will the bear tear down our tent? Where will we sleep? Where do we go to the bathroom? Can we shoot our BB guns? Will my BB gun kill a deer? Overall though--he is thoroughly ecstatic! Kylie is stoked b/c she gets to sleep in Daddy's place. She is read to go do "girl stuff". Also, this weekend is Bunco weekend! Maybe I can win a little $$ for shopping! HA! I won't hold my breath!

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