Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Anniversary!!

Well, today is mine and Kyle's 1 year "re-marriage" wedding anniversary!!! For those of you that are clueless as to what I am talking about--here's a little explanation. Kyle and I divorced in September of 2004. However, we remarried November 5, 2005. We had a few hiccups that needed attention. The struggles weren't easy, but we decided that WE would confront them. We realized that a family functions as a unit, not single entities. It's not easy to remember sometimes that you lose your identity when you marry. I think that learning to "leave and cleave" was vital to our marriage. So, it was fitting when Bro. Will remarried us and spoke on that. So, we get to celebrate two anniversaries now. We have decided that we will keep our January 17th anniversary as the main one, but hey it's always fun to celebrate milestones and that is what today is. A milestone.
Yesterday, we went to our nephew's birthday party and had a great time. The kids love to bowl, so they really enjoyed themselves!
Well, my anniversary present was my very own elliptical machine--I get to cancel my gym membership and workout at home! So, that's a wrap here--I've got to get my new machine put together.

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