Friday, November 03, 2006

Red means no blue!

Sometimes being a parent stinks. Because when you punish your kids, evitably you end up punished as well. I told the kids they both have to get "green" notes today to be able to go to the Bulldog game tonight. Well, Weston does it. No big surprise there. However, Kylie, who is on a "red" note roll this week, brings home another red note. So, I am trying to stick to my guns and told them we aren't going to the game (I told Kyle and Weston they could go if they wanted to). But it just stinks. I cannot understand why she can't be good for ONE day!!! However, my Cross Canadian Ragweed "Live at Cain's Ballroom" (which I attended IN PERSON) CD/DVD package came in the mail today, so at least I have some sort of entertainment! On that note, let me just say--the CD and DVD are awesome! Poor Kyle, he's still moping because I ordered a concert T-shirt for me and not him. In my defense, they didn't have his size, so I couldn't help it. But, that won't stop me from wearing mine!!! :)
Oh yeah, here's another picture from the recent photo shoot. Just thought I would share. Well, back to the DVD!

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