Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Ok, have you ever had one of those headaches that lasts for days? (Now when I say headache, I am not referring to a husband, boss, kid, etc; I mean the real deal....) That's where I am at. I am going on 4 days now--it's not getting better. I think it's the weather, but who knows.
So, sorry for not updating this sooner, but as you can see, I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Hopefully it lets up soon. We are planning to go to the State Finals football game and I know it's going to be extremely cold, so I really need to feel better first. I begged Kyle to pull our new trailer down there--there is a lovely campground outside of town and I would love to stay there, but with the weather as well as his unfamiliarity with how everything works, he said that he is too scared to try it. I guess I can't blame him--my secret motive though was that the Hogs game comes on at 5 or so and we'll be on the road instead of watching it on TV! Actually, we'll be in a restaurant eating for part of the game....guess we'll have to hit somewhere that has TV's!!
Well, it's back to work--see ya!

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