Friday, November 10, 2006

My Home Away From Home

Well, our new camper is FINALLY home!! I promise to post some pictures soon. It's been dark at the times I have been home, so I haven't had an opportunity to take any good shots. But Kylie and I went inside it and looked around last night--she was stoked! It's 38 feet long, so it's massive. When all 3 slides are out, it's about 14 foot wide. I am so ready to camp! So, once we get the guys back from the woods, we are going to have to head out. Now we just need to sell our old camper--so if you know of anyone in the market for a 1997 30 foot bumper pull camper in great shape, let me know.
Anyway, Kylie and I are doing the girl thing tomorrow. We are heading to Holiday Market. She is so excited! We are getting up early and getting ready so that we can beat the crowd. It may not be that bad though w/the game going on. I wish I was going to the Hogs game!! ESPN is coming! But I am sure it will be so crazy up there. Oh well, Kylie and I will just watch it on TV at home or one of our friend's houses.
Well, I have yet ANOTHER friend that is pregnant! Plus, her husband will be gone for the next couple of months for work. So, I think Kylie and I are going to try and go visit her as much as possible so that she doesn't get lonely. I remember how incredibly sick I was during my 1st trimester--it was horrible. She has a little girl Kylie's age, so we are going to plan a "slumber party" one evening and hang out. It should be a blast.
Well, I need to get some sleep-I have a big day tomorrow with Miss Kylie-bug. Then tomorrow evening (after the game of course), I have a paper and some discussion questions for my class to get finished.

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