Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday's Agenda--enough to cover a week!

Today is going to be busy! We are going to try and make it to Sunday School this morning since we haven't been in a few weeks. From there, Kobe's birthday party is today, so we are going straight to the party after church. Then, I have pictures to take for a client today, so I am actually leaving the party early to do that. Afterwards, the kids are dying to go back and see Santa Claus so we may have to swing by the mall. My Mom also called and said they got all of their stuff out of the 5th wheel that's ours, so we could start moving our stuff over to the new one now. We really need to get that done soon because I want to get our other one sold ASAP! Oh yeah, I have a test Tuesday which means I need to find time to study at some point! Did I mention the house is a wreck??? Like I said, this is enough to keep someone busy for at least a week. We also need to get started packing for our Thanksgiving vacation!
Well, I purchased my Guatemala ticket yesterday--so it's more than official now! I am so pumped about going. We are going to be there for 10 days--no phone, no way to contact my family! I will dearly miss the kids, but I hope when they look back on me being gone, they realize that their Mommy went to help others and they find admiration in that--enough that maybe they will want to help others....

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