Thursday, November 02, 2006

Earthly Possessions

First, we had family pictures made last weekend for my Christmas cards that I plan to make. Here's my favorite picture of the family. The kids are growing up and changing so much.
Ok, now to the storage building story....So, Kyle went to get something out of our storage that is down at my parents' barn about a week or so ago and evidently an animal has gotten in there somehow and pooped everywhere. Well, he comes home and informs me which sends me into a fit. You see, my formal dining table and china cabinet are in there as well as about 50-75 boxes of stuff, a small couch, Kylie's bedroom furniture and various other pieces of my house. So, the last thing I want to hear is that my "free" storage building is going to cost me more than renting one would have. So, I went and rented a huge storage unit at our local facility and told Kyle that we would spend the weekend consolidating all of our stuff (we have items in 3 different locations--2 storage buildings and a loft here in the building) into one huge storage unit. Well, Saturday morning we head down there to clean up the mess and load up the truck with some stuff. We open the door and sure enough there was a pile of poop right in the door. Gross. Kyle swept out as much as possible (it stunk so bad in there!) and then we started trying to clean off items and load them up. Then, we pull the plastic cover off of my small "snuggler" couch and a mouse has eaten a huge hole right smack dab in the middle of it! I was just sick! It will definitely have to be recovered based on where it chose to chew. It gets worse. So, we load the couch and several boxes up. Then, we spot another huge pile of poop. Right about this moment, my mood was rather ugly--this is all of my earthly possessions being ruined by a bunch of varmits! So, I step in the building to look for a particular box and we move some items and find a snake skin right on top of the other pile of poop. Ok, at this point, I am mad, horrified, and freaked out all in one! I am absolutely petrified of snakes (and yes, I live out in the country!) and the thought of one slithering around all of my stuff (and possibly still in there) sends me into hysteria. It was like throwing salt into the wound. Hey, isn't it bad enough that I STILL live in the metal building?? I don't need any help here.
We take that one load over to the storage building and I make Kyle beat the snuggler couch with a broom to make sure something hasn't decided to move in. So, when you look around your house and think, man, this house stinks, give me a call. Trust me, I've got you beat. I still live in a barn and my other stuff now smells like animal crap.
Tomorrow night we play Alma--Go Dogs! The kids want to go to see the Bulldogs play, so we are going to the football game. I sure hope it's not as cold as it is tonight!

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