Friday, November 17, 2006

Two in a Row

Well, guess what? Weston is Student of the Month again!!! Two months in a row! I honestly thought it was a mistake. He told me this evening that he had another form for us to fill out for his breakfast at school and that he was called to the office for his picture to be taken for Student of the Month. I assumed that maybe it was a retake on his picture or he was accidentally listed and they just messed up. But no! He actually got it again. I went through his backpack and found his certificate, breakfast reservations, and other information! We were so proud of him. He is such an awesome kid and if anyone deserve the award, he definitely does. So, we took him to Logan's for a celebration dinner and invited my parents to join us.
Tomorrow, Weston has basketball evaluations for basketball season. He is excited and I am glad he has finally getting into sports. After the evaluation, Kylie is going to ride one of Mom's little horses! She has been wanting to ride for awhile now, so I told her we would go down there and ride on one.
Oh, we tried to go see Santa at the mall tonight--and so did the rest of the city and surrounding areas! The interstate was at a complete stop about 1 1/2 miles from the exit. Then, the mall was so crowded, you couldn't even move. We were about 30 minutes late and found out that Santa isn't actually taking requests tonight, he is just performing a magic show. So, since we missed the magic show, we missed Santa completely. Poor kids, I had been pumping them up for this for 2 days. Oh well, we'll try again this weekend I guess.

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