Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have been tested many times today....and I have failed. Such a poor attitude...but I am just so stressed. Tomorrow morning I have my certification exam for my new drug and I am in panic mode right now. I am so worried that I won't pass. It was a stressful week last week and I just feel so far behind on studying (probably shouldn't be blogging right now though, huh?) Anyway, I just hope to pass it tomorrow. I have to make an 85% to say a little prayer, or even two. It won't hurt, trust me.
I am in Dallas for the week for the rest of the training....and this time we have roommates for the week. Normally when we are in training we get solo rooms, but not this time for some reason. Which honestly makes it so hard to relax, study, and just chill out for a bit. Not to mention that roommates assigned this time were random. I have no clue who my roommate is! Talk about weird--living with someone for 4 days you have never even met. By the time I get home, I will be so ready for some relaxation and privacy!
Yesterday we took the kids to the lake in our new boat for the first time. We had a great time--I'll leave it at that because I want to include pictures and more details, but overall we had fun!

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