Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I spent most of yesterday (Father's Day) very busy! In fact, we didn't even do anything special for Father's Day. I had a 6 page critique paper to write for my class and then I had the first of 4 books to study and a quiz for work to take on a new product that I am being trained on. By the end of the evening, I wasn't sure if I turned in a paper on Solution-Focused Therapy or Solution-Focused Gout! My head was spinning! I was so tired and just ready for bed by the time I finished. I had to pass a quiz for work before midnight on the first book and then I had to email my critique paper by midnight as well. Put it this way, I shut my computer at 11 pm. Barely made it! So, Richie, I am so sorry that Father's Day (especially your first one with Landen) wasn't filled with good food and fun times. Forgive me. We will definitely find time to celebrate and enjoy some family time soon though! Thank you so much for being so considerate yesterday to take care of Landen all day while I stared at a computer screen for 10 plus hours. You truly are a great Daddy and I know Landen really appreciates the time you guys spent together!
I texted my real dad yesterday afternoon and told him Happy Father's Day and then I called my step-dad around 9 pm. I felt so bad because his card is still sitting on my kitchen counter. But I think he understands just how busy life is for me and I know he is so understanding. I do appreciate everything that they both do for me and I am fortunate to have them both in my life!

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