Monday, June 21, 2010

We are heading to the lake!

I have always wanted to own a ski boat and spend the weekends just cruising around the lake! I love to water ski and I know the kids would really enjoy tubing! So, I finally convinced Richie to sell his fishing boat (yes, can you believe he was willing to part with it? Now that's love!) We searched and searched (and waited to make sure I still had a job) and finally found a boat! So, Saturday when the kids and I headed to the concert, Richie headed to Texas to pick it up! It's SO pretty! We are very excited and I can't wait for the first opportunity to hit the lake! I really hope the kids enjoy it as much as I know us big kids (me and Richie) are going to!!
In order to catch up from the busy weekend, I have several posts, so be sure and look back for them all!

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Katie said...

That is awesome. I would love to go boating but I get sick maybe those braclets would help me. Looks like fun. I love water but not the motion sickness. Have fun!!