Friday, June 18, 2010

Ending Friday with a Hog-Nose.....

Can I just say that I am SO glad this week is over? What a week! I think I have experienced every possible emotion known to man this week....I have several posts coming to detail some of the rest of the week's events because I have pictures for them, but for this event, I couldn't possibly bring myself to snap a picture.
So, here goes....I head home today to grab the camera for the Father's Day Lunch at the kids' school. And I pull up at the house and open the garage door, but I just left the van running in the driveway so that I could run in and run back out. And RUN I did. But, not the way I planned. As I walked in the garage, I headed toward the door to the house....we have a glue trap right by the door (and have caught 2 scorpions on it in the last few days BTW) and in my rush of rounding the corner, I quickly glanced down and saw this HUGE something on the glue pad...A SNAKE. Yes, A SNAKE in my garage. A SNAKE in the garage when the door was down and I was loading my van for work this morning. OMG. I about lost it. Wait, I did lose it. I screamed, turned, and ran back to the van and drove halfway down the hill before calling Richie. He answered the phone and I couldn't even talk I was so petrified. That thing was right by the door to get in the house. He was in the garage with me this morning when I was loading my van and I never even knew it....OMG. So, anyway he rushed right home (because he knew if he didn't I would completely lose it.) The snake was still alive, too. YUCK. I wasn't sure what it was, I just knew it had too many decorative things on it to be just a "black snake". But to me, a snake is a snake. Turns out he says it was a hog-nosed snake? Whatever that is. Still scary.
When I got home this afternoon again, I couldn't even bring myself to park the van in the garage. I wanted plenty of running room in there in case there was another in there!
So, that brings the 2010 snake count to 3. I didn't see this many in the country in 5 plus years.
And Lily, the cat, is getting a pay cut or a friend--maybe I need a front yard cat and a back yard cat?
Shannon, I tried to pick up some Calgon today so I could go home and relax....and they said you bought them out? Can I borrow some? :)

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