Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess who's on the move?

Landen is crawling! Ok, well, it's an "army" crawl, but he gets around all the same. He is so happy to be able to get around, too. And he is getting into everything! I am going to have to pack up the whole house. But I am so glad to see him crawling--he is growing up! And he has perfected his hand-clapping and says "yeah" with it! TOO CUTE!
On July 7th, he has a small surgery on his eye to probe a tear duct that is not working. It's not a major deal. They put him under anesthesia, but not stitches, etc. Weston had the exact procedure done when he was the same age....not sure what it is with my boys and their eyes?

I thought this picture was so cute...the too babies of the family bonding through the door. Landen wants to play with Lily the kitten, but he plays too rough and then she responds too rough. So, for now, they will have to admire each other through the door. He doesn't realize that she isn't as patient and understanding with him as Andy is!

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Erin said...

I feel your pain! Beau is all over the place and into EVERYTHING!! He crawled in the pantry yesterday and found a macaroni noodle on the floor and had it in his mouth. Then, he pulled the plastic white piece off the door stopper and had that in his mouth. I'm gonna have to move everything in my house!!!